Friday, 3 January 2014

When Diet Is Not Good, Medicine Is Of No Use! When Diet Is Good, Medicine Is Of No Need!

The country of Ayurveda has the highest number of heart patients and diabetic patients. More people die because of heart attack than road accidents in India. Soon India will have the world’s highest osteoporotic patients.  During the last decade India witnessed huge increased number of hospitals and cancer research centers. This means that the economic growth and following recession (and this cycle) has also raised the health challenges for individuals. You may be surely got insured for your medical expenses by an insurance policy but you cannot get any insurance for your health. YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH. And in case, if you are not insured for medical expenses; then the whole wealth earned by you in 20-30 years may be wiped out in 2-3 months. Even healthy people may have inherited genetic weakness which may cause us to be more vulnerable to some specific illness.

Most of us know that it is very easy to maintain a very good health (optimal health) than to regain it after it has lost. And it shows in Google search also. “How to maintain good health”, “Health” and other health related subjects are the most searched words in India and around the world. In fact thousands of surveys carried out reveals that “Health” is the prime interest in adults throughout the world. Most of us agree to this ancient Ayurvedic Proverb that “When Diet Is Not Good, Medicine Is Of No Use! When Diet Is Good, Medicine Is Of No Need!” 

But sadly, our life style many times makes it difficult to fulfill even the basic nutrition required for day to day life. This nutritional gap, which when compounded over the period of time, along with bad eating habits, junk food + sedentary life style, pollution, stress produces negative effect on our body or body parts, which is called oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is believed to be one of the major reason behind today’s lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, age related macular degeneration and so on. 
Most of us know that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. But knowing and doing are two different realities. As much lip service as we give to achieve optimal health or eating healthy, is just not happening in reality, right? But why? It’s not that you don’t want to stay healthy, it’s because. Yes… it’s because most of us don’t know how much nutrition a person need to achieve optimal health. Had we believe the so-called experts who tell you not to worry about taking vitamins if you are eating a regular diet, then the diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke would not have raised to such an alarming numbers in a country of Ayurveda. The compounds in the food we eat, can harm or heal us.

This is why you need to first evaluate what you are eating. Is it enough for you to achieve your optimal health? 

This is why you need Diet Kundali.

 ”Your Diet Kundali”…

The purpose of Diet Kundali is to educate, to educate you to achieve your optimal health. Today you can change your health dasha, stay healthy and reverse aging by specific course of essential vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. The real miracle-natures super power to heal is available to all the species and is available to us humans also. Thousands of studies are available which explains why some nutrients powerfully impact our cells and our life.

Here we have made an effort for you to self-evaluate yourself, your Diet Kundali, your DietDasha…what you are eating? And what more you should eat to achieve your optimal health in terms of vitamins and minerals. 

Most of us buy grocery for one month. Diet Kundali will take family data, grocery data and eating pattern obtained from you. The individual's nutrient intake is then calculated and averaged at the end of the month and compared against international values of daily recommended intake and optimal intake. This will help you to review, change and improve your diet pattern to achieve optimal health.

The purpose of a Diet Kundali is to quickly self-evaluate individuals who may be at nutritional risk and determine whether a more detailed assessment is warranted.
You can generate your Diet Kundali by paying a requisite amount. 

So get ready with your grocery data to find out what lies for your future health in the Diet Kundali. We suggest you maintain the track record of improvements in your diet and Diet Kundali.

For your Healthy Beginning…
Team Diet Kundali

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