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Diet Chart for Woman’s Health

Dietkundali.com gives a lasting tribute to all the ladies of the world for their roles as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends. You alone gave birth to the entire human race. You have a special place in society because nature entrusted this honorable task by giving them a suitable physical structure and nurturing qualities such as love, compassion and sacrifice of self for others.

In the first place, woman is the center of the home and the family life. A home is a home because of you. You tend your home, silently making self-affecting sacrifices for the good of the home. You are a big dreamer. You are your husband's partner in life and a sharer in all his joys and sorrows, partner as well as counselor. The performance of his duties is as much his religion as hers, and therefore you are also called as his other self. You help your partner achieving the dream by supporting him at every juncture of life physically, mentally and financially. It is because of you, your entire family stays in a good health. But what about your health? Are you preserving good health for your future?

 According to a study, due to illness, women work fewer days in a year and as a result, lose almost 8-10 %more of their work days than men who men lose only 5-6% percent. Therefore, has a bigger effect on a woman's income than that of a man. Women's health expenses have a tendency to increase more compared to men. Back pain is now a day’s very common complain among woman. A Woman is the superstructure of her family’s health, and if the superstructure is weak, the family will be also experience poor health. Healthy woman means healthy family.
Following paragraph indicates some important nutrients which promote overall well being especially for woman. Nevertheless all the nutrients are important, considering your structural needs, following nutrients if made part of your balanced diet would promote optimal health in every stages of your life right from childhood, pregnancy to menopause.

Diet chart for girls in childhood -
The day she comes in this world, the journey begins; the newly born child is feed with precious mother’s milk. This milk protects the child, gives immunity and provides essential nutrients for growth. However as the child grows, she needs additional nutritional food to cope body’s growing nutrient demand. The main nutrients shall include protein, calcium and vitamin C. Woman are prone to bone loss post menopause, so it is important to include calcium and phosphorus rich diet or food supplement so that the calcium is well absorbed to make strong bones. Of course, protein is also required (containing all essential amino acids) to build the bone structure. Vitamin C makes the immune system strong. So when your girl child starts swallowing at age of 6-9 month make sure you include protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C rich food or drinks to build her bones and immune system. When girl child grows to 4 yrs and above, it is recommended to give your girl child a chewable iron supplement or iron rich food.

Diet chart for girls in teen age -
This is the age where menses begins, hormonal changes occurs. Iron loss is predominant and hence food containing iron such as spinach other leafy vegetables and fruits or supplement containing concentrated fruits and vegetables shall be included along with protein, calcium and vitamin C.

Diet chart for girls in adult age - 
Apart from staying healthy, the new demand from this age group is glowing skin. Diet for glowing skin shall include food containing vitamin E, Vitamin C and other carotenoids. The diet in teen age shall be continued to promote optimal health. Abstain from cola, tea and coffee as they hinder calcium absorption. Avoid junk food as they increase the risk of non communicable diseases and also make skin look dull and oily.

Diet chart for woman in pregnancy and lactation -  
Pregnancy is the time where all the requirement of nutrient is increases considerably to feed the fetus. Diet for pregnancy and lactation shall include proteins for growth of fetus, iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, ipriflavone, Omega 3 and fiber.
The process of dissolving bones after the age of 30-32 increases considerably than the process of making bones. Woman should prepare for this inevitable bone loss well in advance. For Indian woman, it is highly recommended to start supplementation of iron and calcium separately from the age of menses.
Diet chart for woman after menopause -
This is the age where menses stops, hormonal changes occurs. The risk for heart diseases and osteoporosis increases among woman if estrogen level is too low. The demand of calcium is increase due to hot flashes. Diet for woman after menopause shall include Soy protein, black cohosh, calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin A. Soy protein has is flavones which has chemical structure very similar to estrogen which supports the heart health and bone mass during menopause. This will thus promote bone health and overall wellbeing during menopause.

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