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Diet Plan


Let’s look at some of the media literature about deteriorating health statistic in India.

According to one article published in The Mumbai Mirror1 dated 25 Jan 2014, titled “India’s unhealthy teens”- A study conducted by National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau of India concludes that over 50 per cent of healthy looking children suffer from deficiencies of vitamin A, C, B2, B6 and folate, and over 2/3rd are oblivious to the iron deficiency they live with. Of the 23,000 genes in our body, as per genetic evaluation test, only 20 deal with receptors of vitamins. This means even if a child’s diet includes vitamins, if his ability to absorb and use them is low, would demand increasing vitamin intake to the point where the deficit can be met. Diet Plan

The article also mentioned that - Lack of information is a key concern. Most parents, who approach food consultant, want their kids to be Olympic athletes and “Only 15 per cent consult out of general concern.” New-age parents informe…

What is your health IQ?

What is your health IQ? What is your health IQ?
Everybody wants to be wealthy AND healthy. To be wealthy people get education, make an action plan, put plan into action. But to stay healthy, very few people get educated, make action plan and put into action. Below table shows a list of common questions asked on a person’s financials and his health. Test yourself how the answers differ.

Sr CASE 1 CASE 2 Let’s see your answer to the following questions on your financial needs Let’s see your answer to the following questions on your health needs 1. Do you know what is the minimum amount of money you require to run your family? Answer: A) Yes, I do. B) No, I don’t. Do you know minimum amount of nutrients required to keep you healthy? Answer:         A) Yes, I do.   B) No, I don’t 2. Can you classify your family financial requirement? Answer:   A) Yes, I can.  B) No, I don’t know. Can you classify your body nutritional requirements? Answer:  A) Yes, I can.        B) No, I don’t know. 3.      Can you …