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Gestational diabetes - Symptoms of Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes (or GDM) is definitely hyperglycemia with blood glucose levels above ordinary but below those diagnostic standards of diabetes, happening during pregnancy. Ladies with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy and at labour. expectant mum and their kids are also at increased threat of type 2 diabetes later on.   Gestational diabetes is diagnosed by means of prenatal screening, instead of through informed signs and symptoms. Watch this video in hindi for type 2 diabetes symptoms. Typical risk factors for Gestational diabetes Various risk factors have been implicated in the advancement of Gestational diabetes. In general, these are like the factors associated with overt diabetes you need to include increased maternal age, weight problems, ethnic background, the genealogy of type 2 diabetes and a previous history of Gestational diabetes. Furthermore, other risk factors include previous background of a macroc