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Why We Need Dietitian

Reasons to Consult with a Dietitian- Free Consultation Losing weight —and keeping it off—is elusive for many People. Part of it may be how imperceptibly we gain weight. While the conventional wisdom is that people put on weight during the holidays. What happens to the majority of us is something called ”the holiday creep.” This seasonal weight gain is just one pound for most people, but the majority don’t ever lose it, and that single pound, year after year, adds up. So, what to do? Fad diets and cleanses can be pricey, and the weight often piles back on as quickly as it came off. On the healthier end of the spectrum, registered dietitians are proven to help clients lose weight and maintain their health, but individualized attention also comes with a steeper fee And while a dietitian’s services can be expensive (anywhere from $100 to upward of $500), your insurance may foot the bill if you have certain medical conditions, like diabetes. if a person having too much weight with cor