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Know about arthritis and how to prevent it?

Know about arthritis and how to prevent it? Many Indians are amazingly naive and unaware about arthritis, which is currently affecting about more than10 Crore of populations. The main reason about the public unawareness is - you don’t hear people getting killed by arthritis like a heart attack or a cancer. In addition, people in India usually continue with disease, most of them due to lack of funds – they don’t want their children to burden with healthcare cost or ignorance. Earlier the cases of arthritis used to surface for the age group of 65+, but since 2010, more and more cases of people suffering from arthritis in the age group of 50+ are coming to attention. Arthritis is a silent killer like diabetes; it can severely affect the quality of life by causing pain and other problems. Arthritis is frequently viewed as an unavoidable part of old age. However it is not, your joints can be maintained healthy through a lot of small things. The calendar month of May is  celebrated