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High protein low carb foods - cereals and pulses for low carb Indian diet plan

Cereals and pulses are very important part of our Indian diet as they are major source of energy, proteins and fiber. The most common used Indian cereals are wheat and rice. However, there are other cereals that have better protein to carb ratio and are replacement to rice and wheat to match the same nutrition. In our earlier blog we have given the list of low carb Indian foods that are also high protein low carb foods in vegetables and fruits group, now here are listing high protein low carb cereals and pulses to help you design a total low carb Indian diet plan . Again, these low carb Indian foods are arranged according to their protein density per gm of carbohydrate intake. You can find out nutrition in the quality recipes you prepare using pursuing foods in Diet Kundali app 15. SOYBEAN, WHITE - SOYBEAN, WHITE gives 10.16 gm carbohydrates, It contains 37.8 gm protein for 100 gm eating portion. A person consumes 37.12 kCal for 1 gm of carb and 3.72 gm protein   by eating