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Finding Calories in roti - chapati calories and increasing chapati nutrition

Wheat is world's highly consumed cereals. Staples such as chapati, roti, puri or bread are prepared using refined or whole wheat flour. There are other wheat-based products available in the market now such as wheat bulgur, wheat semolina, atta noodles and wheat pasta. However, the nutritional values in these products vary depending upon the ingredients. Whole wheat grain is rich source of various fiber, vitamins and minerals than the refined wheat. Nevertheless, both wheat contains gluten which is type of a protein. Many individuals are sensitive to gluten which can create problem in their immune system. This article will describe you about calories in roti, chapati calories and how you can increase chapati nutrition by adding some ingredients. We will also discuss the calories in one roti. If you are interested in measuring 2 chapati calories we will discuss the same here. Chapati Nutrition Since whole wheat mainly is composed of carbohydrate. 80% of the total