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Weight loss tips

Todays Common Story of weight loss- I come from background of village family where there was more use of sugar for family of 4 members. We used to consume almost 4 to 5 kgs of sugar every month, although we used to burn most of it during early teens and mind twenties. There is no wonder we never our overweight as our physical activities outrun calories consumption. Junk food was out of budget as our pocket money itself was almost negligible. Things started changing when we arrived in a metro for Jobs. Now we were spending more time in office and very less on grounds. We started eating more outside food including preserved ready to eat or 2 min foods. We added cold Drinks as a matter of lifestyle. Sweets in the form of drinks, cakes, ice creams and mithais became integral part of our food and parties which started to happen more often. As a result, things changed, we became underweight to overweight in few years. Now I want to reduce weight. I understand cutting sugar, oil can he