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Calcium rich foods that are not hard on weight loss

Calcium along with vitamin D plays an vital part in influencing bone density. Calcium rich food is necessary for bone health. When it comes to bone related issues the only thing we imagine is calcium deficiency. Calcium is one of the important factor in creating bone but not the only one. Calcium needs many other nutrients like proteins, magnesium and vitamin D to make the bone structure. Calcium and vitamin D rich food shall be added in diet. Vitamin D deficiency arises when you avoid sun. So give yourself a morning sunbath to avoid vitamin D deficiency. In the body, bone is created by some specific cells. These cells create a framework or structure with proteins and then calcium along with  phosphorus  form a crystal on top of this structure. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and magnesium regulates the level of calcium required in a cell. When we are young and growing (age 0-30 years) our body makes new bone faster than it breaks down old bone. This allows us to grow