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Gestational diabetes - Symptoms of Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes (or GDM) is definitely hyperglycemia with blood glucose levels above ordinary but below those diagnostic standards of diabetes, happening during pregnancy. Ladies with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy and at labour. expectant mum and their kids are also at increased threat of type 2 diabetes later on.   Gestational diabetes is diagnosed by means of prenatal screening, instead of through informed signs and symptoms. Watch this video in hindi for type 2 diabetes symptoms. Typical risk factors for Gestational diabetes Various risk factors have been implicated in the advancement of Gestational diabetes. In general, these are like the factors associated with overt diabetes you need to include increased maternal age, weight problems, ethnic background, the genealogy of type 2 diabetes and a previous history of Gestational diabetes. Furthermore, other risk factors include previous background of a macroc

What are the 3 most common symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious kind of chronic disease that happens when glucose in blood can't be effectively manipulated and sugar in the blood keeps circulating at a higher level for a longer period. This may happen for prolonged amount of nutritional imbalance and inadequate physical activity. Many individuals are too busy in their stressed life to see some indications your body gives showing first signs that can result in diabetes. If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it’s time to visit doctor. 1.Frequent urination - If you notice that you are going to washroom more often than usual on the time frame then it means your kidney may be removing more sugar through blood than it is required to process. 2.Increased Thirst - This may be because of the body’s inability to absorb fluids which then send signal to brain that it hasn't received enough fluid. 3.Feeling Hungry always - Because you get excited about various activities - that needs energy which is converted thr

How to make low carb Indian diet plan for cutting down blood sugar levels in handling your diabetes

Diabetes can be an inability to stability blood sugars. When you consume carbohydrates, your body turns them into sugar, which elevates blood glucose. Mostly, the body will be able to produce plenty of insulin to balance blood sugar levels , however in the case of diabetics, your body doesn't create enough insulin or turns into resilient to its results[1]. Watch this video for more details in hindi. Regular medication puts women and men about an one-method tack of advancement for diabetes, with provisional beneficial treatment that may need to be added to. In the past certainly, carbohydrate control offers been the foundation of glycemic control equally in type 1 as well as , type 2 diabetes before development of insulin medicines. Carbohydrates from diet increase insulin requirement and reduced amount of carbohydrate consumption can help with glycemic control. A recently available study shown a substantial reduced amount of insulin and oral medicaments and hemog

Diabetes diagnosis - How do I know if I'm diabetic?

Diabetes   mellitus is a disease   of multiple causes characterized by chronic hyperglycaemia with problems in carbohydrate metabolism because of defects in insulin action, insulin secretion or both. This syndrome is frequently correlated with long term problems for organs like heart, kidneys, eyes and blood vessels. More than 50% of all patients with diabetes do no exhibit any symptoms at all until diagnosed. Hence it becomes imperative for earlier diabetes diagnosis than later. You can watch this video for information in Hindi on how diabetes diagnosis is done. Who should check for diabetes? For Indians ideally all the individuals above 30 years of age should be screened for diabetes. If you are positive for any one or more following risk factors, then you ought to be tested sooner regardless of your age:   You have diabetes in the family such as parents, grand parents. You are overweight or obese where your body mass index  is more than 24 kg/m2 or possess

What is diabetes and what is normal blood sugar levels chart?

Diabetes is a significant sort of chronic disease that occurs when blood sugar in blood can't be effectively controlled and sugars in the bloodstream keeps circulating in an increased level for a longer time. This may happen whenever a hormone known as insulin isn't efficiently made by pancreas which can be used along the way of controlling bloodstream glucose level in the bloodstream or when your body cannot successfully utilize the insulin it generates. Diabetes can be an essential public medical condition. Both the number of instances as well as the prevalence of diabetes have already been steadily increasing within the last few decades. According to the data gathered by International Diabetes Federation around 9% from the worlds populace is suffering from diabetes and around 10% from the global health care expences is allocated to treating diabetes[1][2]. Watch more info on diabetes in Hindi in this video. Can diabetes kill you? As per Who