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Weight Management Tips

Now a days, it is very largely discussed topic among men and woman of all age groups. Everybody dreams to be in well shape and look good. However, very few people achieve their dream weight. It is very common now for people to take a gym subscription but seldom had they hit the gym regularly. Even after regular exercise many fail to reduce weight or some actually tend to gain little. So what are the causes of weight gain? What is restricting my weight loss? Well, there are several reasons. If weight loss/gain is sudden and abrupt you must consult your doctor and get diagnosed. However weight gain is gradual that means there is something wrong with energy balance. You heard it right! Law of conservation of Energy. That says “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Energy can be converted into one form to another” The food you consume, gives you energy. This energy can then be utilized to do different forms of day to day work ranging from sedentary to heavy