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Are You Getting enough PROTEIN everyday ?

High Protein Diet Proteins are the building blocks of the body 20 % of our body is made up of protein. With the combination of different 22 amino acids, our body makes 100,000 different types of proteins which perform different growth and repair functions. Hence our diet shall be protein rich. High protein diet means you should consume all the sources of 22 amino acids especially those 9 essential amino acids which body cannot synthesize. Benefits of High Protein Diet 1. High Protein diet is important for growth and maintenance of tissues. 2. Anti-bodies are made up of Protein which maintains our immune system. 3. Insulin is a kind of protein, which helps in regulating blood sugar 4. Protein is important for digestion, absorption and metabolism of food consumed 5. Protein provides resistance to infections and helps in healing wounds. 6. Isoflavone, a protein from Soy, helps balance the effect of low estrogen. By generati