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Tips to lose weight naturally - Diet plan and Exercise

Losing weight naturally from diet and exercise!! Weight loss plans available in the market may help you reduce few kegs, but long term sustainable weight management depends on healthy eating practices and regular exercise.   How to lose weight naturally If you are looking for ways to lose weight, there are so many programs in the market to help you. You perhaps almost every a day see an ad for a weight loss plan, diet remedy or a book   in print and electronic media. But which ones is effective? A review of scientific examination of many commercial weight loss programs found that few of the weight loss programs helped people lose weight.   On the other hand, the weight loss was relatively small, and the members of the weight loss program started to regain weight after they stopped the program. “ Weight loss is tough,” says Dr. Bhagat, who is a general practitioner in Mumbai . “Short term weight loss may be worth less if you are unable to maintain it after