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Daila (oatmeal) upma

 Breakfast Recipes Today’s Dish is my favorite dish. Yummy dalia upma. We know usually upma is made from suji/rawa. But instead of rawa we use daliya here. I consider upma is the one of the best breakfast recipe. As it contains lots of vegetables, peanuts, pulses (especially for poopu (tadka).In south we usually add tadka to all the recipes. Daliya is the most versatile food we can made upma, khichadi, daliya halwa etc. Main ingredient of this recipe is Dalia .   Dalia is nothing but broken wheat. It is the well balanced and nutritious food. The glycemic index of dalia is 50 it comes in low glycemic index food category. Dalia is one of the best foods in diabetic treatment and the people who are looking for how to lose belly fat. Due to high fiber contain. Dalia helps to control the blood sugar level by slow down the release of glucose after the breaking of food at the time of digestion. Try to add this super food