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Protein rich food recipe - Lauki (Bottle gourd) moong dal curry

Lauki moong dal is a delicious combination of lauki vegetable and lentils. Lauki moong dal goes well with steamed rice, parathas or pulkas. Usually lauki vegetable is not popular in many houses including mine that is why my mother always makes different recipes from lauki vegetable. This recipe is easy to prepare, very healthy too DietKundali Main ingredient of lauki moong dal recipe is - lauki(bottle gourd) and Moong dal Lauki helps to improve digestion. We usually have lauki juice during urinary tract infections as lauki helps to reduce it.Lauki vegetable is very popular for weight loss as it is rich in dietary fibers. In Ayurveda, lauki is recommended to reducing liver inflammation. Moong dal is a super food. It is protein rich food , comes into the low glycemic index food category. It is very light and easy to digest. It contain good source of iron. Health benefits of lauki moong dal recipe Lauki moong dal is protein rich food. Proteins help a lot