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Diet Plan for Pregnant Woman

Optimal Nutrition during pregnancy is very important. A well-nourished woman has good reserves of nutrients that are needed for the growing fetus as well as her own health. A well-nourished fetus has good prospects on the way to good physical and mental health during his life. On the other hand the reverse is also true; an under-nourished fetus has several risks on the way to good physical and mental health during his life. The effect of under nutrition during pregnancy will vary depending upon the nutrients involved. It is not just mere calories that are required for growth of fetus; the development of fetus depends on various other nutrients as well. So it is very! Yes, very important for a new mother to get all the essential nutrients through a Balanced Diet , the requirement of which is more during pregnancy. Nutrients requirement during pregnancy increases because of: 1.     Growth of the maternal tissues, placentas, fetus. 2.     The enlargement of the uterus, mam

Diet Chart for Woman’s Health gives a lasting tribute to all the ladies of the world for their roles as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends. You alone gave birth to the entire human race. You have a special place in society because nature entrusted this honorable task by giving them a suitable physical structure and nurturing qualities such as love, compassion and sacrifice of self for others. In the first place, woman is the center of the home and the family life. A home is a home because of you. You tend your home, silently making self-affecting sacrifices for the good of the home. You are a big dreamer. You are your husband's partner in life and a sharer in all his joys and sorrows, partner as well as counselor. The performance of his duties is as much his religion as hers, and therefore you are also called as his other self. You help your partner achieving the dream by supporting him at every juncture of life physically, mentally and financially. It is because of you, your e