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Calcium rich food recipe helpful in Diabetes treatment – Bhindi Masala (Okra curry)

Bhindi is also known as ladies finger or Okra. It is loaded with many nutrients. Bhindi masala curry is very healthy because both aloo and Bhindi are shallow fried, then make ginger, garlic, onion-tomato masala, mix everything and your curry is ready. It is very simple for perpration as well as delicious also.  Main ingredient of Bhindi Masala curry is Bhindi, Aloo   Bhindi comes into low glycemic index food catageory, it is rich in fiber too. these both factors are very imporant if you looking for how to reduce weight. It helps a lot in weight loss to eat food which is low in glycemic incex and at the at same time high fiber. Bhindi and aloo they both are rich in vitamins and minerals. Bhindi contain soulable fiber pectin, it helps to lower down the LDL cholesterol as well as reduces the reasons of high blood pressure. Bhindi is also helpful in diabeties treatment because it is packed with fiber which helps to slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar in the blood stream