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When Diet Is Not Good, Medicine Is Of No Use! When Diet Is Good, Medicine Is Of No Need!

The country of Ayurveda has the highest number of heart patients and diabetic patients. More people die because of heart attack than road accidents in India. Soon India will have the world’s highest osteoporotic patients.   During the last decade India witnessed huge increased number of hospitals and cancer research centers. This means that the economic growth and following recession (and this cycle) has also raised the health challenges for individuals. You may be surely got insured for your medical expenses by an insurance policy but you cannot get any insurance for your health. YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH. And in case, if you are not insured for medical expenses; then the whole wealth earned by you in 20-30 years may be wiped out in 2-3 months. Even healthy people may have inherited genetic weakness which may cause us to be more vulnerable to some specific illness. Most of us know that it is very easy to maintain a very good health (optimal health) than to regain it after