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Pulihora Recipe -Breakfast Recipes

Pulihora Recipe Pulihora is south famous easy and quick recipe. My mom use to make pulihora in every occasion including my birthday also. When we go out for picnic or travel long distance, we usually carry pulihora with us. You can have pulihora as breakfast or in the place of rice during day or night. We can consider pulihora as a breakfastrecipes . Always there is a question “ what to eat during pregnancy ?” You can have pulihora; it provides you proteins, energy, calcium which is important during pregnancy. It can be prepared with brown rice also for people taking diabetes treatment . Main ingredient of pulihora is rice. e\Rice is rich in vitamin B. But today what we eat that is mostly polished, during polishing of rice the process excretes most of the essential nutrients. Apart from rice this recipe contains chana dhal, urad dhal, sesame seeds, and peanuts. These pulses and seeds are good source of proteins and antioxidants which enhance the taste of the food and nutrition