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Mango pine Breakfast Recipes

Dietkundali  Breakfast Recipes   Ingredients:  Food item quantity Mango 2 no big size (700gm) Sugar 30gm (as per sweetness you want) Kaju (cashew nut) 20gm Badam (almond) 10gm Akrot (walnut) 10gm   Method : Wash and peel mango. Make pulp in a grinder. Cook the mango pulp in a pan until it become thick as shown in the picture below. Add sugar and sliced nuts tothe pulp and sauté it until mix starts separating from pan. Take a baking trey, grease it and then pour the mix into it. Allow it to cool. After cooling cut the mix into different shapes as you like. For dressing you can use some sliced nut and saffron strands. Health benefits: 1.        Calcium rich foods helpful for promoting healthy bones. High in magnesium. 2.        Excellent food in diabetes treatment as it is r ich in dietary fiber and chromium, if taken witho