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How to reduce cholesterol by incorporating healthy diet and juices A lot of being talked about adding fiber in your healthy diet to reduce LDL cholesterol nowadays. Back in the late twentieth century many of you may remember filtering fiber from whole wheat in a course filter as an unimportant part. However same unfiltered wheat in the supermarket is now branded as special high fiber wheat with a high price labelling. Over the course of these 30-40 years in India, large people have been migrated from villages to Cities which tends to use more of packaged foods. Many industries such as bread and hoteling use refined wheat flour as they are cheaper but have low fiber. Moreover, the reduction of fruits and vegetables from the meal plate reduced fiber intake further. This has led to imbalances in coping with cholesterol in urban civilians. You don’t need to wait for a lifestyle disease or a medical condition to happen that forces you to add fiber in your diet. You are adding fib