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Symptoms of high blood pressure

BloodPressure Blood pressure has gotten an awful blow. Bloodpressure is important for flow. With no blood pressure, blood cannot shift from the heart to the distant parts of body and back. The heart provides the pumping force — every contraction of the heart's major pumping compartment, the left ventricle, , creates a surge of pressure that goes through every artery in the body. Stress-free and elastic arteries offer a strong resistance to each pounding of blood. Blood Pressure On the other hand, arteries that are stressed, thin, or stiff offer more resistance. This is a symptom of higher blood pressure, and it pushes the heart labor harder. The heart muscle can grow weaker over time due to this extra work which may endanger other organs, such as kidneys and eyes. And the persistent beating of blood against the walls of arteries makes them hard and narrow, and may pose risk for a heart attack or stroke. The majority of people with high blood pressure don'