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14 Calcium rich food For vegetarian women’s - dietkundali

It is not just enough to have calcium rich food s. The body cannot absorb calcium without the help of vitamin D . So along with It is very important for us to have a certain amount of calcium in our diet. Calcium is required to keep bones healthy and also formation of blood cells. Have you noticed that many people have joint pain and brittle bones these days. That is because we do not make a conscious effort to include calcium rich food s in your meals. We mostly eat whatever is available and thus, the calcium in our diet gets depleted. calciumrich food s, your diet must also include foods that are rich in vitamin D too. When it comes to women, calcium is doubly important. Women have their monthly menstruation cycles and thus lose out on a lot of calcium. Even during childbirth, calcium reserves of a woman's body are depleted. So for women, calcium is a top priority. Women need to have more calcium in their diet than men. The trouble is that milk and other dairy products