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3 Common Reasons why you are not loosing Weight : Weight Reducing Tips

Today we'll discuss and point out 3 common mistake or reason, why you are not losing weight despite of following some best diet plans.Reason why  Reducing weight  technique didn't work for you. 3 common reasons are : Avoid common snag Put a Halt to passionate eating Adjust with the food you are eating I will describe all the 3 mistake you may me doing while following weight losing procedure . 1- Avoid common snag It’s always appealing to go for short cuts however fat diets or so called quick fix medicines as well as plans may only bring you failure for the reason that:  You feel depressed. The diets which totally avoid the carbohydrates and fats are simply impractical . The key is self-control. Even the GM Diet Plan which is recommended by DietKundali runs on very low carbs and protein can actually followed for only seven days in a month and not more. It is difficult to control cravings; hence self-control is