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Are you looking for Business opportunities in Mumbai?

Welcome to Diet Kundali! India has seen a phenomenal growth of 7 % or more in last decade. The wealth of Rich and Super-rich in India has doubled. They have more business which cannot be measured on fingers and so does the sources of income. But does this story apply to the employee working for the Rich people. The employee has only one source of income and that is his salary. But now, the world economy is in wrecks; fortune 500 companies have already started to lay off employees. If you have a job your salary rise is at risk almost every year. We have seen in 2008 and we will see the repeat in next few years. A global financial meltdown is all it takes for many of us to lose our job every 4 to 5 years and very few people realize it before it happens to them. But this blog is not about how and why of a global financial meltdown.It’s about what you can do to minimize the dependency of your financial health on your employment so that it will haveleast effect.The bad news can be

3 Common Reasons why you are not loosing Weight : Weight Reducing Tips

Today we'll discuss and point out 3 common mistake or reason, why you are not losing weight despite of following some best diet plans.Reason why  Reducing weight  technique didn't work for you. 3 common reasons are : Avoid common snag Put a Halt to passionate eating Adjust with the food you are eating I will describe all the 3 mistake you may me doing while following weight losing procedure . 1- Avoid common snag It’s always appealing to go for short cuts however fat diets or so called quick fix medicines as well as plans may only bring you failure for the reason that:  You feel depressed. The diets which totally avoid the carbohydrates and fats are simply impractical . The key is self-control. Even the GM Diet Plan which is recommended by DietKundali runs on very low carbs and protein can actually followed for only seven days in a month and not more. It is difficult to control cravings; hence self-control is