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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet A balanced Pregnancy Diet is very important right from the day you come to know this good news. In fact, healthy diet for should begin when you are planning the baby. A well-nourished mom has good reserves of nutrients that are needed for the growing foetus as well as her own health. A well-nourished fetus has good prospects on the way to good physical and mental health during his life. It is important for a new mother to get right pregnancy diet at right time. Nutrients requirement during pregnancy increases because of: • Growth of the maternal tissues, placentas, foetus. • The enlargement of the uterus, mammary glands. • Storage • Increase in maternal circulation blood volume Nutrients to look for in Pregnancy Diet The Following nutrients are important in Pregnancy Diet. 1. Energy requirement is 300-500 kilo kcals more (Normal – 1900-2000 kCal) during pregnancy because growth and physical     activity

Weight Management

Healthy Snacks For Kids

  Healthy Snacks For Kids Why it crucial to treat diet for kids discretely from that for adults? During the initial years, kids grow very speedy in social, physical, intellectual and emotional aspects. Kids are in growing phase up to age of 18; their immune system is not fully developed. Hence they are mostly exposed to infectious diseases due to inadequate nutrition, many of which can be successfully prevented or treated through proper nutrition. With adequate amount of nutrition kids become stronger, productive and realize their potential. Recommendations on Healthy Snacks for Kids: 1. As compared to weight, their energy requirement is higher than adults. 2. Kids are selective eaters, mostly skip meals. 3. Their diet mainly governed by the taste. They don't eat variety of food. Hence their snacks should be packed with nutrients      as well as taste. 4. Their food should be high in proteins, calcium because protein is important for the growth and developm