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High protein low carb foods for low carb Indian diet plan

In our earlier blog of how exactly to design low carb Indian diet plan we've emphasised on low carb diet and stated importance to improve protein intake to improve satiety. In this blog Diet Kundali offers you a list of low carb Indian food that are also high protein low carb foods in veggie and fruits meals group to be able to compensate your protein reduction due to decrease in cereals. Certainly, these fruit and veggies are also abundant with fibre that might help in managing triglycerides and cholesterol levels . We've defined these low carb Indian food according to their proteins density per gm of carbohydrate intake. You could find out nutrition in the recipes you prepare using pursuing foods in Diet Kundali app . 19. PONNAGANNI - PONNAGANNI provides 5.17 gm carbs, it includes 5.29 gm proteins for 100 gm eating portion. A person consumes 9.84 kCal for 1 gm of carb and 1.02 gm proteins per gm of carbohydrate by consuming PONNAGANNI. It offers scientific name