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Breakfast Recipes – Protein Rich Food - Moong dal chutney (Pesara - pappu pachadi)

  Moong dal chutney or we can say Pesara - pappu pachadi in Andhra style. It is easy to prepare; it didn’t need any oil for preparation. Moong dal chutney is totally oil free best for those who are looking to lose belly fat. Moong dal chutney is very delicious as well as super food too. It goes well with rice and chapatti. We can consider it as a side dish in breakfast recipes . The crunchy taste of moong dal and lime juice combination is awesome. It just melts in your mouth. Main ingredients of Moong dal chutney recipe is Moong dal  Moong dal is very light and easy to digest. It is packed with nutrients such as proteins, fibers. Fibers helps to regulate the blood sugar level as well as it is the best food in diabetes treatment. In many weight loss diet plans such as GM Diet we give one bowl of moong dal, because its calorie count is very low and it is rich in fiber, which helps to keep you full for the longer period. It is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids; it help

Lauki Malai kofta

Ingredients: Food items Quantity Bottle gourd 500gm Bengal gram flour 30gm Onion 100gm(3 medium size) Tomato 200gm(3 big size) Coriander leaves 5gm Garlic 10gm(2 tsp) Ginger 10gm(2 tsp) Green chili 2 no Chili powder 5gm(1 tsp) Turmeric 2-3 pinch Jeera(cumin seeds) 5gm(1 tsp) Dhaniya(coriander powder) 10gm(2 tsp) Garammasal 5gm(1 tsp) Groundnut 10gm Kaju 5gm Badam 3no Salt As per taste Malai 10gm Oil 20gm(for curry)   Method: Wash and grate bottle gourd,add some salt and mix well. Remove excess water from the mix by squeezing it. Then add besan (Bengal gram flour) and make small kofta balls as shown below.   You can increase amount of besan as per your requirements to increase for bin