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Tips For Weight Loss

Tips For Weight Loss There are no proven ways for weight loss other than by reducing energy intake and increasing energy expenditure. The process needs consistency and persistency over a period of time, over 6 months or more. You can use Diet Kundali to choose different food combination to suit your weight loss program to match your lifestyle for reducing energy intake but without compromising nutritional levels. Diet Kundali Tips for weight loss: I. Medium to heavy physical activity/ exercise which will burn your 200-300 kilo calories shall be included in your daily lifestyle. II. Burn 200 kilo calories per day, exercise 6 days- a week, burn at least 500 kilo calories once in a week. III. Reduce energy intake 200-300 kilo calories by modifying your diet chart. Starving is a bad choice. IV. There should not be any nutritional deficiency while reducing calories from your diet. V. Choose food with low glycemic index, this is helpful diabetic diet as well. Limit