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Breakfast recipes

Mango fruity yogurt #Proteinrichfood #Breakfastrecipes  Mango fruity yogurt is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is one of the healthiest breakfast recipes. During pregnancy, nutritional requirements will increase such as proteins, calcium, iron, folic acid, omega -3 essential fatty acids and energy. Mango fruity yogurt is one of the best recipes for those beauties who are looking what to eat during pregnancy .Kids will also like it. Usually kids are very fizzy they don’t like to have fruits and dairy products. Mango fruity yogurt is the combination of dairy product and seasonal fruits; it helps to provide you all the essential vitamins and minerals for your daily requirement. Try to add in your daily diet chart. Because it’s a summer I used mango, you can use strawberry, apple or any other seasonal fruit. Mango fruity yogurt is cheaper than a pizza but more nutritious than it. It is very easy to prepare recipe, it hardly takes 10 minutes to prepare. Those who are undergoi