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Video- Complete List of Protein Rich foods from Dietkundali

In this video we have included the benefits and importance of protein in daily meal. How protein helps you in getting better muscle and lean body . Furthermore it also helps in losing weight and getting high density and healthy bones. In video it is also given that what amount of protein one should eat on daily basis depending upon their weight and age. You can also read full detailed post on protein rich food here . Out protein food list includes : Soyabean Peanuts Milk Wheat Lentils Egg Almonds Oats Fish Watch video for their feature and how including them in your daily diet will fulfill your daily protein needs. For more healthy tips and motivation keep reading Dietkundali Blog, you can also  subscribe us  to get free healthy diet tips in you inbox directly. You may also like Is Crash dieting good or Bad for you?   8 Effective Protein Rich Foods which Helps in Fat Loss: Vegetarian

Famous Motivation Lines to Keep Yourself Motivated towards Fitness

If you are fat or gained lot of weight and want to shed pounds, you tried once and continued for few days also but then again you went to the same track of laziness and at then end you quit. Most of the time we start thing but again quit because of lack of motivation we need on daily basis, motivation can make you achieve anything. So in this post I will be sharing some best selective quotes from famous people which help you in motivating yourself and energies you daily for fitness and health. Read More on how to lose weight article from Dietkundali Read it every day to get best result out of it and never lack and miss motivation ever. Everyone has an idea.  But it' really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea. - Jack Dorsey If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small. - Azim Premji Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your fi

Is Crash dieting good or Bad for you? Pros and Cons

In this blog post we will be talking about Pros and cons of crash dieting, which you have selected to lose weight in a week or a month time. Quickly Losing weight has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s move forward to see more about in detail. Crash Dieting- Good or Bad? At the point when you are hoping to lose weight , you need to do it rapidly. This prompts to searching for speedy fixes and magic pills. While there are no pills that will help you get in shape without doing anything, yes there are alternatives.  The question you ought to ask is whether crash dieting methodologies are truly justified, despite all the trouble. You have to know the advantages and disadvantages of them.  Advantages of Crash Dieting Get in shape quickly The fundamental advantage of a crash eating routine is that you will have the capacity to lose a considerable measure of weight rapidly. This is the thing that such a large number of individuals are after that they will regularl