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Do Sugar alternative helps to reduce Weight?

Do Sugar alternative helps to reduce Weight? With all the fitness post on the Internet and in publications, it is difficult to know the rality about sugar alternatives, mainly artificial sweeteners. You may have read about how diet soda is not good for you, or may be how it is perfectly safe. If you sip beverages or munch foods which have been artificially sweetened with zero calorie or sugar free alternatives as a replacement for of sugar, you would look forward to save calories and reduce weight. The study supports this hypothesis, but not to the degree to which you would expect. Here is what you need to know. Many Types, Many Foods Sugar alternatives are found in a wide range of foodstuffs, including: ·          Areated drinks ·          Desserts ·          Chewing gum ·          Pudding ·          Bakery products ·          Candies ·          Jams and jellies There are three types of sugar alternatives. Check the label for the various names you’ll see: