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Non HDL cholesterol meaning

The non HDL cholesterol value reflects all the major lipoproteins associated with a higher threat of coronary disease. Some lipid experts argue that the non-HDL cholesterol value is preferable to the LDL cholesterol value for predicting cardiovascular disease. In fact, a typical risk calculator depends on the non-HDL cholesterol number. You can understand the Non HDL cholesterol meaning in hindi by watching this video . Is total cholesterol the sum of HDL and LDL and is non-HDL cholesterol the same as LDL? Although you may assume total cholesterol is the sum of your LDL and HDL simply, in addition it also contains very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol. These particles carry triglycerides to tissues and get converted to LDL eventually. Like LDL, it causes cholesterol to develop within arteries also, creating artery-clogging plaque. Both are believed undesirable, therefore the higher your VLDL and LDL values, the bigger your threat of heart disease. The following f