Friday, 10 October 2014

Pillars Of Optimal Health – Sound Sleep And Balanced Diet

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Poor dietary habits may contribute to the risk of death, either in their own right or together with problematic sleep. A study concluded that sound sleep may assist men live longer while women may only gain if they pursue a varied balanced diet. 

 The study explored the way a healthy diet contributes to the connection between sleep quality and death among elderly men and women. Women, who munch a diverse healthy diet, including food loaded with vitamin B6, could still survive longer notwithstanding the poor sleep habits. The study also learned that sleep played an important role in men's death than women's.

 Poor sleep is linked with greater morbidity and death, including causes of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It is learned that for both genders, poor sleep was highly linked with reduced appetite, poor health, less able to chew, and less physical activity. These characteristics could add to lower overall nutritional quality and less food and nutrient intake, especially for vegetables, high protein diet, and vitamin B-6.

There is considerable interface between sound sleep and nutritional diversity. Poor sleep in men is not linked with a greater risk of death unless there was also unsatisfactory varied diet. However for women, sound sleep only offer a survival advantage if they had a varied diet.

The study, found women almost sleep badly twice as likely as men do. Women who used to have poor sleeper are learned to be deficient in iron and vitamin B6 than those whose who used to sleep better. However, both men and women could recover their position by eating a more Varied Balanced Diet.
Sufficient nutritional diversity to an extent in men could offset the adverse effect on mortality of poor sleep while women need to make sure they are eating foods high in vitamin B6. Healthy dietary habits in elderly people could improve their sleep quality and may provide them a improved health,"

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