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Weight loss tips – These Beverages will increase your weight loss rate

Beverages to lose weight fast
In weight loss journey, when you feel hungry your mind diverts your attention to search for food. If healthy food is not available, you will be tempted to eat anything that is in front of you when you are hungry. When your stomach is full you tend to eat less or nothing even if you are served your favourite food. Internet is filled with tons of suggestions to lose weight. Some of them are easy to follow some are difficult to adopt in our lifestyle.

While some suggestions focus on diet and exercise, some few also proper sleep and positive attitude but there are some beverages which when added to your diet chart can speed up your weight loss process. Some drinks cost low while other drinks cost more. While there are some drinks that look cheap or cost low but the actual value of that drink in terms of nutrition is also low. So if you think some beverage is costly or cheap to adopt in your diet chart, think again. Your selection of beverages should be based on the nutritional value that you get through that drink and its adoptability to your fast lifestyle, results and then its cost. To help you reduce weight by helping you make a better choice, we are here providing a list of some drinks that you can adopt in your diet depending upon nutritional value, adoptability, cost, result and cost. The drinks are arranged as our preference for recommendation. When we recommend to our clients we recommend following the same preference given below.
  • Water
  • Soups
  • Protein Powder with Milk
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Fruit infused water
  • Smoothies

1.     Water

This is the most widely available but mostly neglected on part of weight loss. We drink water for hydration only but given a close look at the timing when you feel hungry, you can drink lukewarm water that will help you feel full during odd times between the meals. This will take off your focus from hunger.
Calories per serving – 0 kCal
Nutritional Value – Minimal traces of minerals depending upon source
Affordability to lifestyle – Easy, no preparation required.
Cost – Very low
How to Use – Drink lukewarm water to accelerate your weight loss throughout the day. For controlling hunger take 2 glass water 45 mins before meals. Ensure that you are taking 2 to 3 litres water per day.
Drink water 40 to 30 minutes before meals

2.     Soups for weightloss

What we mean here is soups prepared at home. Yes soups are low carb low calories food and you can prepare soups at home by mixing variety of vegetables to make it a balanced diet and then add sauces as per your taste. You can look at our videos where we have used soups in our balanced diet plan to reduce calories from the food. We suggest having soups at night as the energy requirement during night is lower as compared to day time. When you have soups, your stomach will feel full even though calories are less. Energy requirement during night will be catered by body fat where there are no carbs to burn at night.

Soups are great way for weight loss diet

Calories per serving – 100 to 200 kCal
Nutritional Value – Can be improved by adding variety of vegetables and spices
Affordability to lifestyle – Medium, little preparation required. Depends upon season.
Cost – Medium to high depending on ingredients.
How to take – You can use soups as meal replacement plan particularly your dinner to get the best weight loss effect.

3.     Protein Powder with Milk

For those on series quest to lose weight and are following long term diet plan, this is the best beverage to add into their because it is very simple to prepare and also can be used for loner term. f selected this is the best recommendation as you choose milk as well as the Protein Powder. We recommend to choose sugar free and cholesterol free protein powder preferably from plant sources. When you eat protein rich diet, your craving for junk food between meal hours reduces, thus making less prone to eating junk.

Protein makes our stomach full

Calories per serving – 100 to 200 kCal with milk
Nutritional Value – High Protein Diet up to 12 grams protein per glass of milk, if taken with sugar free protein powder
Affordability to lifestyle – Easy, little preparation required. You can have this drink throughout the year.
Cost – Medium to high depending on quality and efficacy.
However, care shall be taken to choose it wisely. Cheaper brands may not be as effective. Compare cost per gram of protein before buying. If you think a protein drink is cheap beware, it may have less protein.

4.     Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Another beverage for acceleration of weight loss is Apple cider. Similar to protein drink it reduces craving for junk and also manager blood sugar. Another advantage of ACV is it increases basal metabolic rate of the body that mean you burn more calories even at rest which is advantageous in weight loss journey. ACV reduces inflammation as it contains acetic acid. This beverage is also good for gut health.
Apple cider vinegar for weight loss
Calories per serving – 10 to 20 kCal per drink
Nutritional Value – Low calories drink
Affordability to lifestyle – Easy, little preparation required. You can have this drink throughout the year.
Cost – Medium to high depending on quality and efficacy.

5.     Fruit-infused water

During weight loss journey it is also necessary to maintain hydration level in the body. When you are on intermittent fasting Fruit-infused water can provide sufficient hydration and some nutrition. There are ifferent flavours available in the market to choose from like orange, watermelon, lemon, pineapple or strawberries.
Detox water

Calories per serving – 100 to 200 kCal with milk
Nutritional Value – Low calories drink
Affordability to lifestyle – Overnight soak is required. Mostly available in supermarkets . You can have this drink throughout the year.
Cost – Medium to high depending on quality and efficacy.

6.     Smoothies

Smoothies are rich in nutrition if prepared with right ingredients that can not only mke you feel full but also can be a meal replacement for weight loss journey. Smoothies are packed with protein, calcium, fiber, and essentials minerals and fatty acids.

Calories per serving – 300 to 400  kCal depending upon ingredients
Nutritional Value – medium calories high nutrition and can be a meal replacement option
Affordability to lifestyle – Preparation is required. Mostly available in juice hops. You can have this drink throughout the year.
Cost – High depending on quality and efficacy.

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