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Tips: How to lose weight by Diet Plan and Perfect Nutrition

A balanced weight is an essential element of optimal health and maintaining body weight. The quantum you munch, what do you munch has main roles in keeping a healthy weight or reducing weight. The other key factor is Exercise.

how to reduce weight
How to reduce weight
Till few years back, diets low in fats were considered as the top way to reduce weight . A growing says that diets low in fats often are less effective, partially because these diets regularly replaces fat with simple carbohydrates.
There are many promising diet charts or diet plans that gives you assurance of fast weight loss. Some of these diet plans includes GM Diet, cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet,  and a mass of unmemorable celebrity diets.
The reality is, more or less every diet chart will work and help you to in reducing weight provided it helps you take in less calories than that of daily requirement. Your Diet chart works in following ways:
  • Diet chart help you choose certain good foods that are rich in nutrients and/or avoid "bad" foods that gives you relatively empty calories.
  • Your diet chart changes your behavior and the attitude about the food

The best diet for weight reduction is one that supplies all the nutrients - essential for all the parts of our body, right from our toes to our brain, including our bumps – and at the same time gives fewer calories to help us burn accumulated fat. It is the one which can be continued for a longer period of time without disturbing our lifestyle and time management. In nutshell, a diet chart that present plenty of high quality tasty and healthy choices, throws out few foods, and does not require a widespread and classy list of groceries or food supplements, is the one you should opt.

The one diet that fills up the statement is a Tropical or Mediterranean diet. Such diet may have many variations and usually includes:
  • 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day
  • 2 to 3 servings whole grain breads and cereals
  •   Good fats from nuts, seeds and oils
  •   lean protein from plants, poultry, sea food, and beans

A Tropical or Mediterranean diet is a flexible diet. Public who go behind such diet tend to have a better overall health, lower rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic situation.
Include more nutrient rich foods to your diet
Foods such as kale, muskmelon can increase the amount of nutrients we consume with only adding few calories.
Getting an adequate amount of nutrients through regular diet is challenging in today’s fast lifestyle. In addition, as our bodies age, we tend to require fewer calories and eat less but it does not absorb nutrients as the way it once did. So it’s essential to consume right foods. One approach is by selecting more nutrient rich foods that provides more nutrition and are still low in calories. Such foods contain a great quantity of nutrients - such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, antioxidants and unsaturated fats - and are still low in calories as compared with foods of low nutritional value and high calories.
If already, you are not eating a balanced diet, or you are not eating an adequate amount of healthy foods, nutrient rich foods will help you in bridging the nutritional gap. For example, one portion of white bread and whole wheat bread has approximately same calories. White bread however is lean in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and a whole wheat bread, has many other nutrients such as 50% more protein, 200% more calcium, 400% more fiber, 50% more folic acid and 50% more iron and so on.
Many nutrient rich foods also include fiber.  Fiber helps us prevent constipation, fiber helps in stabilizing blood sugar, fiber helps lower cholesterol, problems that arise over and over again in elders.
By adopting such balanced diet we can effectively control empty calories in our diet which otherwise is one of the main reason for weight gain.

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Where to find nutrient rich foods
Examples of nutrient rich foods are - leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach; whole grains for example, wheat, barley and corn as breads and cereals; fruits such as pomegranates, strawberries and blueberries; Omega-3 rich fish such as salmon and sardines; dairy food such as curd, buttermilk and cow milk that are low in  fat; vegetables such as bell peppers, sweet potatoes and mushrooms.
Foods rich in healthy plant based fats such as plant based oils, seeds and nuts that are though higher in calories, are also measured nutrient rich. But the portion size needs to be selective.
Accommodating  the nutrient rich foods
To increase your nutrient rich food eating, change your attitude towards meals. Think of nutrient packed plates, even if it is not at first but make every calorie count. Generate your Diet Kundali to check whether the nutritional values of foods you bring home fulfills your daily nutritional needs. Work with a dietitian to come up with a diet chart that bridges your nutritional gap.
If this idea is irresistible to you, make a steady addition in nutrient rich foods. Add one serving of different fruits and vegetables every day and increase them gradually.  The more variety of fruits and vegetables you eat, the more rich nutrients you receive.
Another ground to make a steady increase: adding further fruits and vegetables will increase your fiber uptake. Too much fiber may cause bloating. So make sure you drink lot of water along with the gradual increase in fiber. This will help in proper digestion. 
A small change in your eating pattern can make great difference in bridging your nutritional gap and weight loss program. One needs to keep open mind for the choices he or she makes for his family. With DietKundali You can design your own diet chart to suit your weight loss schedule without compromising nutritional values. At last, if your lifestyle or work schedule makes it difficult to complete your nutritional gap, taking organic plant based food supplement such as all plant protein and a multivitamin would be a wise option.

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