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Eating healthy in diabetes treatment

Eating healthy in diabetes treatment:
One of the common queries diabetic people ask is "What to eat?" In the end, diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the way our body generates energy from food we eat. Myths thrive when it comes to diet and diabetes. One of the most general being that the "diabetes diet" forbids sugar and some other items from the diet chart.

In reality, dietitians in thane and other places and many other health advisors give almost similar dietary recommendation to diabetic people as they do to other non-diabetic people, but with extra importance on managing weight,arresting blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure as near to normal as possible.
The fundamentals: eat a balanced diet that emphasize lean protein, fruits, whole grain, vegetables., but keep your total calories intake around 1500 – 1800 kCal and exercise regularly. It is not important what you pick to eat on an everyday basis, which is up to you, nonetheless the final goals is to sustain a healthy weight and regular exercise.
You should try hard to maintain blood sugar levels close up to normal to avoid long term complication of diabetes and stay away from the short term concerns of low blood sugar which is also called as hypoglycemia, and to maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to decrease risk of heart attack.
Here are some plans for healthy and enjoyable eating not only for diabetic people but also for anyone who desires to eat healthy:
1.     Add variety of food in your Diet; to maintain good health your body needs 11 vitamins and 13 minerals every day.
2.     Eat more vegetables they contain fiber which is very helpful for diabetes treatment and less animal products.
3.     Eat fresh food. Stay away from fast food junk food is mostly fried food and it contains fewer nutrients and more fats.
4.     Choose fatscleverly. Cut down meat, processed food,now a days junk food mostly contain saturated fats as well as Trans fats.One reason to increase LDL cholesterol is Trans fats.
5.     Cut down simple sugar like soft drinks, fruit juices with sugar, sodas etc. because excess amount of sugar is converted into fats in liver.
6.     Stay away from refined products those made from white flour. Always try to add those products in your diet which are made from whole grain. Whole grain products contain high level of fiber.
7.     It is better to take a fruit instead of fruit juice. Fruit juice is only color water. It doesn’t contain fiber.
8.     To maintain normal calcium level drink minimum 2-3 cups of low fat dairy products every day. Add egg white, ragi, Broccoli, spinach, tofu. Try to take a Luke warm glass of milk at bed time every day.Add Omega 3 food in your diet Fish, walnut they contain Omega 3 which is helpful to increase good fats (HDL).
9.     Eat protein in control. For Diabetes treatment it is important to take Protein in moderation. Excess Protein will increase the load in kidneys. Try to add Fish, soya beans, nuts in moderation, egg white, and skin less poultry. Protein requirement for children and teenagers (1.5gm-2gm)/kg body weight/per day. For Adult 1 gm/kg body weight/ per day. For Elder one 1.5 gm/kg body weight/day. For pregnant and lactation women (1.5-1.75)gm/kg body weight/day.
10.  Limit sodium intake. It should be less than 2.3 gm per day.Mainly if you have symptoms of high blood pressure reduce the cheese, tomato sauce, junk food,processed food, table salt. People with high blood pressure should try to take 1,500 mg a day.
11.  Add potassium-rich foods in your diet. It is important to maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in your body.Such as, bananas (moderation), coconut water and   citrus fruits and vegetables. Eat more grain products, especially whole-grain products like brown rice, Daliya,wheat flour etc. At least 5-6 serving per day. Add dalat least 2 serving per day Eat more vegetables, as it contain vitamins and mineral which is important to maintain healthy life style. Try to add yellow, deep green and orange vegetables.
12.  Eat more fruits at least 3-4 serving per day. Fruits are Rich in antioxidants, which is helpful for diet treatment.Don’t eat fruits after dinner.
13.  Eat more fish, it contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Try to add grill or baked Fish instead of fried.
14.  Add more Garlic in your Diet if you have symptoms of high blood pressure it will decrease it.
15.  If are eating red meat, make sure you reduce your intake to only 1 servings per week. Avoid other processed meats,fatty meat sand liver.
16.  Eat eggs carefully; don’t eat more than one egg yolk every day, with those used in cooking. Try to add flax seeds and nuts in your diet.Nuts contain Selenium.It is helpful to reduce the cardiac death risk.  Nuts are high in calories eat in moderation.
17.  Use oils in control;addolive oil,rice bran oil and canola oils. Reduce coconut milk,dalda, ghee and palm oil.
18.  Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. They will increase the Free radical in the body. Never drive after drinking.
19.  Try to add more water soluble vitamins in your diet. Like vitamin C, vitamin B.If it is Possible add supplements in your diet with consult of your doctor.
20.  Don’t skip any meals especially your Breakfast.
21.  Try to eat methi  (Fenugreek) seeds every day.
22.  Stay away from artificial sweeteners.
23.  Try to add at least 2-3 cups of green tea every day.
24.  Always avoid watching television while eating.
25.  Take rest at least 6-8 hours per day.
26.   For Diabetic treatment it is very important to maintain Ideal body weight.
27.  Exercise at least 45 minutes per day it will helpful to get and maintain desirable body weight. Do meditation, yoga, walking, swimming,jogging, and aerobic exercise.
28.  Drink plenty of water 10-12 glass of water per day.
29.  Always check your sugar level regularly
30.  If you want to get on GM Diet Plan.be careful while choosing your foods. Always keep in mind that GM Dietguidelines are envisagedfor healthy people. Diabetic patients or people with other medical complications should consult their dietitian to personalize their diet plans.

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