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Are you looking for Business opportunities in Mumbai?

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India has seen a phenomenal growth of 7 % or more in last decade. The wealth of Rich and Super-rich in India has doubled. They have more business which cannot be measured on fingers and so does the sources of income. But does this story apply to the employee working for the Rich people. The employee has only one source of income and that is his salary. But now, the world economy is in wrecks; fortune 500 companies have already started to lay off employees. If you have a job your salary rise is at risk almost every year. We have seen in 2008 and we will see the repeat in next few years. A global financial meltdown is all it takes for many of us to lose our job every 4 to 5 years and very few people realize it before it happens to them. But this blog is not about how and why of a global financial meltdown.It’s about what you can do to minimize the dependency of your financial health on your employment so that it will haveleast effect.The bad news can be turned into very good news provided you are aware what to do about it.
You often see people who are highly educated yet you find them suffering from financial problems throughout the life. With increase in lifestyle disease, even a single heart attack can wipe out all of their savings made through employment. They may start living lavish lifestyle with the increase in salary or promotions, start using credit cards, home loan and personal loans. However, the lifestyle becomes highly salary centric. All the lifestyle can be wiped out if the person loses his / her job. You must have some know person who is close to above description.
On the other hand you see a businessman who was an fourth class or a metric or a collage dropout and self-madecrorepati. They surely have started with nothing and yet they are the rich and VIP celebrities in your area. Bill Gates never completed his graduation. Sachin Tendulkar was once failed in 10th standard. Dhirubhai Ambani used to work in a petrol pump. Superstar Rajanikanth was a bus conductor.
When you look at lives of both persons you will learn that one who is employed is used to getting commands from his boss for the rest of his employed life and the one who has taken responsibility of his own finances is a free man, master of money and a wealthy person.
When we mean wealthy, it does not means money alone. Money is a part of wealth but not the whole wealth. The wealthy people I am talking about have a lot of time for themselves and their family and their multiple businesses. They also have security of the time and money. They don’t work for money, money works for them.
You must be wondering we are talking about riches. Yes! We are speaking about riches and believe you can also achieve these riches provided you follow the laws of success as they have followed.
Surely a common man understands that true wealth lies in owning a business and not in an employment. However there are few things that bind him in venturing into business. They are
·         Requirement of Capital
·         Necessary Expertise and
·         Time in addition to his current employment

Capital is one of the biggest hurdles that discourage people to start business. The fear of losing hard earned money is one of the deepest fears to humans.
Expertise required for business in most cultures and in traditional business, it has to come from self-experience. After all who would help his opponent to set up a shop in front of his own?
To make money from a business, you need to invest time in it which is another constraint a common man does not have. After all, most of us are too occupied in making the rich, richer.
So when people don’t have capital, expertise and time to start a business, people either drop their desires to be rich or for time being start looking for freelance jobs in Mumbai or freelance jobs in Delhi and their own cities. Most of them are however open to the Business opportunities in Mumbai or other areas provided they don’t need to invest money and expertise is available.
But now we are in difficult times. The last couple ofyears have shown us steady display of fear and panic from the newspapers, news headlines, office rooms, and dining table across India. Globalization, cheap china imports, IT layoff, foreclosures, bad debts, Ponzi schemes, falling INR, recession. Every day one bad news after another.
Unemployment rate in India in 2014 was about 5.0. Impressing figures, isn’t it? But underemployment - where you have a job but your work time is more and salary is very less - is critical for Indian employees. The widespread decline in good employment is a devastating epidemic no one is immune. All are at risk including executives and middle level managers to admin staff and labors, from bankers to clerks.
Perhaps, you already aware of all this. But what you may not know is for years, most of the employee shave been breathing on the knife-edge face between solvency and ruin, depending upon the salary to meet next month’s expenditures, and very little cash savings or no savings at all.
What we trying to emphasize is employment may be a 30 day relief to your recurring financial problem and if you want to make more money it is not the way out and not even the freelance jobs in Mumbai or in your city.
We at diet kundali can helpyou to find Business opportunities in Mumbai that does not require major investment or expertise and which can be done in spare time.However you will have to grow if you want your business to grow. Welcome to the business opportunities in Mumbai from Diet Kundali.

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