Tuesday, 16 February 2016

3 Common Reasons why you are not loosing Weight : Weight Reducing Tips

Today we'll discuss and point out 3 common mistake or reason, why you are not losing weight despite of following some best diet plans.Reason why  Reducing weight  technique didn't work for you.

why you are not losing weight

3 common reasons are :

  1. Avoid common snag
  2. Put a Halt to passionate eating
  3. Adjust with the food you are eating

I will describe all the 3 mistake you may me doing while following weight losing procedure .

1- Avoid common snag

It’s always appealing to go for short cuts however fat diets or so called quick fix medicines as well as plans may only bring you failure for the reason that: 

  • You feel depressed.The diets which totally avoid the carbohydrates and fats are simply impractical. The key is self-control. Even the GM Diet Plan which is recommended by DietKundali runs on very low carbs and protein can actually followed for only seven days in a month and not more. It is difficult to control cravings; hence self-control is all what you need more.
  • Even you manage to reduce weight, but not able to maintain it. Diet chart that strictly reduces calories, limit certain foods, or depends on ready-made meal might do good for short term dieting; but you don’t have any other plan than this plan for sustaining your weight loss, so the decreased weight quickly increases.
  • Once you finish your dieting course, you look to put on weight more rapidly. When you strictly limit your food consumption, your metabolic rate will momentarily slow down.After some period once you start eating your food normally you’ll gain weight again until your metabolic rate bounces back.
  • Once you break your diet you feel too depressed to try once more. When you feel deprived because of your diets, it’s very easy to quit at that time. Healthy eating is a long term goal and habit. An occasional over indulgence won’t kill your hard work.
  • When you go for dining out you feel lost yourself. If you go for on a company tour or out for dining and the food which is served is not on your diet chart, your diet plan goes to a toss.
  • That some body on the TV commercial ads lost 15 kgs in 60 days and you did not. Dietitian companies create a lot of extravagant promises but most promises are simply impractical for common person.
Low carb diet: You can achieve quick weight loss however they are not sale in the long terms
Various famous diets such as Atkins Diet, GM Diet, South Beach diet are based on low carbohydrate intake, concentrating mainly on high protein foods and dairy products and omega 3 based good fats and banishing simple carbs such as white bread, white rice, or pasta. 

There are many such popular versions of the low carb diet that restricts simple carbohydrates however favors low GI carbs that are healthier;omega 3 fats found in nuts as well as fish, and permits more whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

The low carb dieting approach is created on the theory that those who eat carbs give body sufficient quick calories so that body is unable to burn body fats required for how to reduce weight. 

But low carb diets have a tendency to cause dehydration by reducing weight in the form of body water as urine. Hence the result is quick weight loss, however after a few weeks, weight loss rate decreases and sometimes reverses also as in case with other diets.

The studies have shown that low carbs diet is very harmful in long term because these diets may create deficiency of nutrients, which is not good for heart,bones,and kidneys. 

People who are not having fruits along with variety of vegetables are also not good for them, because such a low nutritional diet have a tendency to increase the risk of certain cancer, stroke and dementia. Most nutritionists in Mumbai believe that minimizing the limiting of low carbs diets gives a more realistic approach.

2- Put a halt to passionate eating
We don’t eat all the time to satisfy only our appetite. If we do like that not a single person would be obese.  We turn to dishes for our comfort and sometimes stress release. When this happen, we normally gains kilos.

Do you eat snacks while watching a movie in a theater or in front of Television? Do you eat when you’re strained or during a meeting as a working lunch? When you’re feeling alone? To reward yourself? Be familiar with your emotional eating may trigger can make all the departure from your weight loss hard works:
  • If you are eating when you’re strained, find better ways to relieve yourself. Try to do exercise, meditation, yoga or take a hot bath.
  • If you are eating when you’re exhausted, find other tea time tools. Try listening music,walking,or take a short nap.
  • If you are eating when you’re alone or bored,Go and meet others in place of reaching for the fridge. Take a walk, call a friend or go out in public.
3 #Adjust with the food you are eating
We are living in a fast lifestyle era where eating is just senseless. We munch on the run at our workplace; we eat while travelling such as a drive through take away and in front of the movie or TV screen. 

The out come is that we intake too much calories than we need and very less nutrition and that too without recognizing it.

Overcome this habit by committing “attentive” eating Always give devotion to what you eat, enjoy each bite, and select such foods that are both nutritious and enjoyable.
Attentive eating tips: How to lose weight naturally
  • Always concentrate while you’re having your food. In place of chewing down unconsciously, enjoy the experience. Always eat slowly, enjoy the smells and texture of your food. If your attention deviates, quietly bring your concentration to your food along with how it taste and feels in your mouth.
  • Stay away from distraction while eating. Try not to have meal in front of your PC,driving, watching a movie or television. It’s too easy to unconsciously overindulge.
  • Try adding things up to force yourself to focus on the experience of eating. Try using chopsticks rather than a fork, or use your utensils with your non-dominant hand.
  • Call it “the end”when you are 3/4th full. It takes time for your drum level (tummy) to reach your brain when you are full. Stay away from the lure to clean your serving dish. You are right, there are many people starving in our country, but your gain of weight is not going to make their tummy full.

Hope after reading these reason you will make a change in your daily habit and lose weight successfully. For more you can visit how to reduce tips from dietkundali.com

Do comment and lets us know how you follow the weight loss diet and process.


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