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14 Calcium rich food For vegetarian women’s - dietkundali

It is not just enough to have calcium rich foods. The body cannot absorb calcium without the help of vitamin D. So along with It is very important for us to have a certain amount of calcium in our diet. Calcium is required to keep bones healthy and also formation of blood cells. Have you noticed that many people have joint pain and brittle bones these days. That is because we do not make a conscious effort to include calcium rich foods in your meals. We mostly eat whatever is available and thus, the calcium in our diet gets depleted.

calciumrich foods, your diet must also include foods that are rich in vitamin D too. When it comes to women, calcium is doubly important. Women have their monthly menstruation cycles and thus lose out on a lot of calcium. Even during childbirth, calcium reserves of a woman's body are depleted.

So for women, calcium is a top priority. Women need to have more calcium in their diet than men. The trouble is that milk and other dairy products are the only calcium rich foods available to us. But that is not true. To add some variety to your plate, here are 20 different calcium rich foods that you can choose from.

Milk is obviously the most calcium rich food. Women are advised to have at least one glass of milk with some protein powder in a day for getting their regular calcium needs.

 Most people who are allergic to milk or have lactose intolerance can try having curd. Curd has almost the same calcium content as milk but no simple sugars.

Cheese is also a dairy product that is very good for women. Parmesan cheese has the highest calcium content among common types of cheese. Mozzarella and cheddar are not far behind.

4.Dried Figs
Figs give women two nutrients that are very important for them; calcium and iron. Women are usually deficient in both these minerals. Moreover, it also has very high fibre content.

5.Green Leafy Vegetables
Apart from milk and dairy products, the best source of calcium is obviously green vegetables. Be it spinach, broccoli or the famous turnip leaves that have the highest calcium content among greens.

Almonds are not just famous for vitamin E, each nut also gives about 70-80 mg of calcium. So, chew on just a handful of nuts to get a boost of calcium.

7.Brazil Nuts
6 Brazil nuts can give you 45mg of calcium. These healthy nuts are also very rich in proteins.

8.Dried Herbs
Many herbs like thyme, rosemary and dill have a lot of calcium in the dried form. Although we do not have herbs raw, we can also add a few spoons of extra herbs to our soups, steaks, curries etc.

Tofu is made from soybean instead of cottage cheese. However, this soy product too has lots of calcium in it.

Apart from being a rich source of vitamin C, oranges also give you a decent amount of calcium.

11.Soy Milk
 Soy milk may not have as much calcium as normal milk. But still, it gives a whopping 300mg of calcium per ounce.

Oatmeal has earned its fame for being heart healthy and fibre rich. But it does give some good amount of calcium too. Perfect breakfast for women.

 Arugula is a special type of green vegetable that is often used in salads. It is loaded with calcium and thus, you should try having it more often

14.White Beans
 Beans are not famously calcium rich but that is a misnomer. You can get 100mg of calcium from just half a cup of white beans.



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